Scrivener or no?

I’ve been talking to several writers and the one thing they all seem to tell me is, Scrivener will change your life. I’m thinking of trying this life-changing event. It comes with a free trial on the latte site. So, what do I have to lose? maybe my sanity but there isn’t much to lose there anyway.

I have a paper due for school on Tuesday. I may let this be my first adventure with the program. If I like it, my next big project may involve Scrivener. I’m watching a tutorial on YouTube about it and it looks cool. I like that you can import images and that kind of thing. It looks like what I do anyway. Draw pics, write things down in notebooks and then try to compile everything together. I like the idea of having it all in one place though. Not quite convinced but getting there. I’ll let you know what happens.

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My name is Edmund Stone and I am a horror/fiction writer. I write in a small rural community on the banks of the Ohio River. I take inspiration from this place full of macabre characters and strange landscapes that most people would only dream of. I'm married to a wife that supports my crazy whims, along with three dogs, a slew of cats and a son who appears periodically from his bedroom to say, "Hi".

2 thoughts on “Scrivener or no?

  1. I’ve been using it for almost 5 years now and I really like it. Especially for bigger projects. I had to copy my manuscript and paste it into word to send to an editor I’m working with. While I like that Word has the track changes feature and she is able to make comments, working with an 85,000+ word document gets downright unwieldy after a while.
    With Scrivener, I’m able to break down the manuscript into chapters, scenes, or even scenes within scenes if I really get crazy with the nesting. Character sketches, location information, pictures (as you mentioned) and a lot of other information stored all in one place.
    Another feature I like is the variety of templates they offer. I’ve taken a screenwriting class and hope to try my hand at that eventually too. Not having to buy other software just to do that is always a good thing.

    I’m pretty sure there are a lot of features I still don’t know about too.
    Hope that helps a little.

    1. It does help. I think I’m going to try it. I mean they offer a free trial and it’s only $45 dollars for the program. For all it does sounds well worth it. I do have problems with larger pieces. I lose track when using Word, especially after 50000 words. You’re right though large documents can be hard to keep under control. I did notice several people on the tutorials who write the way I do. They don’t outline and are pansters. So, that part appeal to me even more. I did find the last time I tried to write a long piece, I had notebooks all over the place. Notes on my phone and I had a hard time keeping up with character names. I’m assuming it would help with that also.

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