Thoughts on my first Podcast

My first ever appearance on a podcast was easier than I though it would be. I thought I would have technical difficulties but no, nothing at all. It was fun and I got to meet some cool people. I’ll definitely do it again. I drank too much and began slurring words toward the end, but overall, I think it a success. I shared some of my poems and artwork with them. I also got to plug my book and talk about future projects. Things are looking good and I’ll continue to update. Thanks to Deadman’s Tome for having me!

This link is to the podcast if you want to listen:



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My name is Edmund Stone and I am a horror/fiction writer. I write in a small rural community on the banks of the Ohio River. I take inspiration from this place full of macabre characters and strange landscapes that most people would only dream of. I'm married to a wife that supports my crazy whims, along with three dogs, a slew of cats and a son who appears periodically from his bedroom to say, "Hi".

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on my first Podcast

    1. Toward the end of the podcast I was. I did pretty good before that. We did have a good time. It’s a great podcast and worth supporting. I’m keeping in touch with the producers, and hope to be on again someday. Thank you.

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