Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Edmund Stone Author

Happy Holidays. Hope all is well. I’ve been thinking about the Christmas story, and doesn’t it make for a good horror tale? I mean, there’s blood and darkness, the slaughter of innocents, and uncertainty in a dark world. Yet, with all this happening, the heroes win in the end. It’s easy to see why it stood the test of time.

Christmas is such a wonderful time. A time to connect with old friends and make plans for the coming year. This year is doubly special, after the events of last year. My best friend was closed off to me because of all the pandemic woes. This year though, we connected and went to a Christmas themed haunted house. My wife, Mikel, and I had a great time visiting an old friend and enjoying a few good jump scares. I’ve included a few pictures from the experience below.

I’ll keep this brief since it’s the holiday and I’m not supposed to be working. (; I’m honestly taking Christmas Day off and then back to work on the sequel to Tent Revival. Its going to be thrilling. I can’t wait for you all to read it! Until then, check out the anthology below from the great team over at Fiction4all. I have a story in this one along with Justin Boote.

Thank you all for being here with me and remember to always spend time with friends and loved ones, and get lost in a good book.

Dipping Into Blood by Dorothy Davies

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