Happy New Year to come from Edmund Stone!

Happy New Year! Hope all your resolutions are going well and not already derailed. If we can all stay healthy, I think we’ll be fine. My resolutions for health never change. Take my vitamins, eat the best I can, and workout within the confines my body gives me. My other resolution is the one I’m most excited about. I’m getting more reading material out to you my dear readers!

My sequel to Tent Revival is off to my editor now, and I hope to have it all back sometime in January. I’m already working on the third book in the series. I will have another series out by year’s end. It’s going in a different direction than the old-school Cosmic Horror of The Rebecca Mythos. It’s a crime thriller. But you know supernatural elements will be included. It’s just the way I roll. There will be lots of great reading coming from me, so be ready. In the meantime, you can still check out my free story here:

It’s a prequel to the current novel and will give some more insight into some of the best characters in Tent Revival. My hope is, you’ll be engrossed with the world of the Rebecca Mythos as much as I am. You can also check out some more great reads here from Start of Year Horror Reads, including my story.

My good friend, Justin Boote, also has a new book out, following up from his five-book Undead Possession series (the man’s a machine!). You can check it out here.

The new year is full of hope and this year is going to be great for both of us. Thank you all for being here with me and remember to always spend time getting lost in a good book. Charlie the book dog says these are good.

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My name is Edmund Stone and I am a horror/fiction writer. I write in a small rural community on the banks of the Ohio River. I take inspiration from this place full of macabre characters and strange landscapes that most people would only dream of. I'm married to a wife that supports my crazy whims, along with three dogs, a slew of cats and a son who appears periodically from his bedroom to say, "Hi".

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