This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

I am a writer, new by some standards, and old by others. My first love was poetry so you will see quite a bit of it here. I started writing poetry at a young age, inspired by my grandmother–a fantastic storyteller. She gave me a love of words; words that crawled off of the tip of your tongue and found their way to the page. But most of all, she developed my imagination and drive to write.

Art for me is a journey. A travel through space and time. Never during my lifetime has anyone accused me of not having an imagination. My parents would marvel at the things I could come up with. Since I could pick up a pencil or write in a notebook, I’ve always had some sort of media at my disposal. Something to release the inner turmoil of my day. I knew if the day was horrible, I had a book or my art waiting for me. I dove in and escaped as often as I could.

I also had friends along the way who have guided me in the direction I’ve gone. People who loved sci-fi and fantasy. But most of all, Horror. David Noble, my next door neighbor, and friend, first turned me on to Clive Barker through the first volume of The Books of Blood and a book of selected works by Poe. My mother turned me on to Stephen King and Dean Koontz. I’ve harbored a love of this genre over the years, starting there.

I’m now branching out in a different direction. Always before, I would only show my skills to family and some friends. I was encouraged to try and get my writings and art out to the public but always felt I was never ready. Those ideas are changing. I’m ready to take this road to the next level.

I live in a small town on the banks of the Ohio River, where folklore and stories abound, mostly in the oral tradition. There is a myriad of characters and scenes in which to acquire inspiration. This has been my home since I was born and I would have it no other way.

I am a father and grandfather. I wish to leave a legacy of written material for my family someday and the public at large; for no matter where this journey has taken me or will take me, I will continue to write and draw. I long for it and desire to let my thoughts flow freely. Besides, if I don’t put it down on paper, my crazy thoughts will consume me.

One last thing, I belong to a writer’s group called the Write Practice. This group has been instrumental in helping me grow, as many writers there are either beginners or seasoned writers. This is a great community and I can’t stress enough how helpful community is to new writers.

This site, I hope, will explain me and the way I think. If anything else, it will help for others to get an idea of what I’m doing. Thank you for reading.

Edmund Stone