Interview and podcast appearance.

I don’t know why I’ve never posted these before but here they are. I had another past interview for Horror Tree but couldn’t find it. These were both after I released my short story collection. It’s been a little lack luster since then but I’ve been busy writing and have lots of stuff coming soonContinue reading “Interview and podcast appearance.”

An excerpt from my Tent Revival novella

Damien is in a dream sequence here. Any comments are welcome. Thanks for reading. The noise in the room stopped and when he opened his eyes. Rebecca stood where his Daddy was. The church was empty, and she looked at him. Her naked body, glistening in the incandescent bulb above the aisle. “Damien, is yourContinue reading “An excerpt from my Tent Revival novella”

Thoughts on my first Podcast

My first ever appearance on a podcast was easier than I though it would be. I thought I would have technical difficulties but no, nothing at all. It was fun and I got to meet some cool people. I’ll definitely do it again. I drank too much and began slurring words toward the end, butContinue reading “Thoughts on my first Podcast”

Some Poetry for a Bloody Valentine’s Day

My Valentine   I feel my heart has taken a sickness I can’t explain. My need for you has broken all barriers; You are the quintessence of life; Your heart is the desire I held in my hand. Only to find that you had no propensity for love. I was deceived into your way ofContinue reading “Some Poetry for a Bloody Valentine’s Day”

Publishing a book

So, as you know, I’ve published my first book. Now I’m trying to add some insight as to how the process worked. First off, if you’re looking for an easy route, there is none. There are a few ways to publish a book these days, but the paths to being successful with the book areContinue reading “Publishing a book”

The Past Revealed: a Prequel to Tent Revival.

What toils in the darkest regions of a man’s soul? What demon’s hide there? For Damien Reynolds it came from somewhere he never imagined. The day his heart was forever held hostage, in the house that touched the sky. All the good he would ever need resided there and he meant to take hold andContinue reading “The Past Revealed: a Prequel to Tent Revival.”

Tent Revival Rough Sketches

          These are very rough images of Allen Sutton and Rhonda Lane after they convert to the monsters Rebecca made them. At least the last two are. The first are light sketches just playing around to get what I wanted. In the novel, I describe the creatures as things that can eatContinue reading “Tent Revival Rough Sketches”

Rebecca and the Sage

Isn’t it funny how you are going along, writing your story, not paying attention to some of the details, then an idea comes out of nowhere. Then again, maybe it was there all along. So is the saga of Rebecca and the Sage from my upcoming novel, Tent Revival. The Sage is an interesting character,Continue reading “Rebecca and the Sage”

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