Word to the wise, never go full on Elvis before stretching first!

Today I was trying to make the long daytime job a little more interesting. So, I decided, or maybe was coerced, to perform karaoke to Elvis’ Jailhouse Rock. I performed with gusto and finished with a karate kick to make any Elvis impersonator proud. Later, when I went to my karate class, I noticed aContinue reading “Word to the wise, never go full on Elvis before stretching first!”

On How I write

Writing, for me, has been a journey. Poetry was my first love, then came short stories. But I stopped there for some reason. Actually three reasons. They are all well-adjusted adults now. But I can’t blame my family for the reasons I stopped writing. Besides, I’ve journaled for years and continued to write the occasionalContinue reading “On How I write”

On reading to make a better writer

When I became serious about writing a few years ago, I would read a book maybe once or twice a year. Last year alone, I devoured about fifty novels and novellas, read over a hundred short ┬ástories and poems, countless posts and newsletters. I have become consumed with reading. To the point I watch veryContinue reading “On reading to make a better writer”


The definition of liveliness is to be outgoing and energetic. the definition of art is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or more than ordinary significance. I feel my writing, drawing, poetry, music. Whatever gets me in the mood to create, is the most significant thingContinue reading “ART, LIVELINESS, AND BACK TO THE TENT.”

Blog post for 5/31/2018

This site is under construction at the moment. I hope to have more here soon. I envision more poems and also art work. I’m getting there. In the meantime, a synopsis for my latest story. A planet, Holsinger 8c, will possibly harbor a new hope for Earth. it’s in the sights of a ship calledContinue reading “Blog post for 5/31/2018”

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